Meeting Rooms

  • Meeting rooms are available to library cardholders in good standing, and to local groups and organizations in the community.  All rooms are free to use, and admission fees cannot be charged.
  • Facilities are handicapped accessible, and public restrooms are available.
  • Groups and individuals are responsible for their own setup and cleanup.
  • For more detailed information, please refer to the full Meeting Room Policy.

Program Room


Capacity: 60 people w/tables & chairs; 80 to 100 people w/chairs only or standing.

Availability:  The Program Room can be reserved for any day or at any time whether the library is open or closed.  Please contact the Library Director by calling 569-4256 or email for bookings and inquiries. 

NH History Room


Capacity: 6 to 8 people.

Availability:  The NH History Room can be reserved for times when the library is closed.  When the library is open it is available on a first come, first served basis, and must remain accesible to both patrons and staff as part of the library's non-fiction collection is shelved in this room.

Study Room


Capacity: 1 to 2 people.

Availability:  The Study Room is available when the library is open on a first come, first served basis.