Due to budget cuts at the NH State Library, Inter-library Loan service will take longer than in the past.  Two of the four vans and drivers that support this vital statewide service are gone, and the number of weekly stops has been curtailed throughout New Hampshire.  We will continue to fill your requests as quickly as possible, and we appreciate your patience with the inevitable delays.

Step 1.
Check the online catalog to confirm that TFL does not own the title(s) you want. If TFL does own the title but it is checked out, you can either request a reserve or continue with this ILL request. Please note that recently published materials are not usually available for ILL.
Step 2.
Enter your request below. You can make a subject area request if you do not have specific title/author information. Please provide as much information as you can, and use a new form for each request.
Format Requested:
Subject Area:
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Step 3.
Enter your contact information so we can notify you when your ILL request is filled (or if, as occasionally happens, we need more information, or cannot fill it for you).
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