Library Trustees
Gordon Hunt, Chair                  569-5650
Paul Matlock                           569-4568
Mary Ann Murray                     569-3793
Marsha Hunter, Alternate
Phyllis Tessier, Alternate

Librarian / Director
Christie V. Sarles

Circulation Desk Staff
Dennis Guilmette, Circulation/IT Supervisor
Lynn Dancause
Ellan Hastings
Marianne Marcussen
Deidra Zimmerschied, Page

Regular Volunteers - 2019
Kevin Chester -- Book Sale & Moving
Sharon Flaucher -- Home Delivery
Judy LaBranche -- Story Hour
Norma Metz -- Home Delivery
Joan Sayce -- Story Hour

And the hardworking Board (and members!) of the Friends of the Tuftonboro Library:
Carolyn Sundquist, President
Maria Coussens, Treasurer
Julie Langer, Recording Secretary & Publicity
Barbara Widmer, Membership Secretary
David Lee
Linda MacDonald
Terry Smith
Joan Theve